Banticks Farm

Banticks Farm

Free Range Egg Producer + Market Stall Hobart

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Banticks Farm is a boutique pasture free range egg producer in the southern midlands our hens range on our pastures when they want. Genuine free range farm.

Banticks Farm was established in 2009 as a family run farm located in the rural Southern Midlands.

With a stocking range of 450 hens per hectare, we are leading the way in traditional pastured free range eggs are produced.  Our hens roam on pasture all year round, and we don’t use artificial lighting or heaters to make or encourage our hens lay.  Our hens lay eggs when they are ready, leaving their behaviours as nature intended.

We pride ourselves on the great lengths we go to ensure the well-being and health of our hens, they come first!

Not only do we produce our farm fresh free range eggs in a traditional way, we have gone a step further. Our eggs are only graded for quality, not by size or weight.  You will find a minimal weight per carton but in it you will discover eggs of different colours and sizes, but all of pure quality.  This is what sets us apart, just like if you had collected the eggs yourself!

Our chickens have a state-of-the-art mobile house that provides them with a safe place to lay and roost. 

These get moved around to fresh pasture regularly. Our happy chickens sun bathe, scratch and dirt bath all day, and return at their leisure to their houses of a night to roost. What a life!

We produce, pack and distribute our farm fresh pasture free ranges eggs ourselves, from start to finish.  You can find us Farm Gate Market in Bathurst Street Sunday’s, and selected retail stores. (This is depending on the time of the year it is – our hens take a short break over winter, like hens are supposed to!).

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